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Amendment of gender Recorded on Birth Certificates
We have recently made an application to the Family Court for a declaration that the applicant is of a particular gender.
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Applying for a new job.
What you need to know when going for that new job.
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Business Warrant of Fitness
Is your business healthy? do you have the right structure to trade efficiently and profitably? This article has useful tips for business owners.
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Buying a Business
Some of the issues that need to be considered when you are buying a business are discussed below.
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Compensation for Economic Disparity on Relationship Ending
When a relationship ends, should the partner who is able to earn more, pay compensation to the other partner?
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Consider Mediation
There is no doubt about it litigation is expensive, stressful and prolonged. It always involves an element of risk - the judge may not quite see your situation in the same light as you - and you may end up with an unsatisfactory result.
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